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Beans & Seeds Mosaic Art

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Beans & Seeds Mosaic Art

Beans & Seeds crafts for kids are beautiful, easy, and fun. Making art with beans & seeds is surprisingly cool, it gives the artwork an awesome texture. Using beans & seeds of different sizes gives a "lifelike" art piece.

Creating an activity art with these beans and seeds is a theraputic process. Simple pasting them promotes parent/child bonding as well as motor-skills and hand-eye coordination. It also helps develop kids' intelligence through sorting and matching skills.

This simple, fun & fuss free activity helps to keep your kids off the screen/ipad and get them entertained for hours. Admiring the beautiful piece of creative creation that they have just completed simply bring smiles and satisfaction.

Made of high quality paper, natural beans and seeds, non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe to use 

Comes in 2 different set, Set A and Set B

Each set consist of 4 different designs

Suitable for 3yo and above with parents' supervision

What's included:

-4 differnt designs of art card

-Packets of beans and seeds needed for the craft

-White glue