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Dual Layer UVC Steriliser Bag

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Dual Layer UVC Steriliser Bag

Brief explanation of bag

Recommended for breastfeeding mummies who need to pump on the go, at work and for storing expressed breastmilk.

Top layer is where the UVC leds are to sterilise pump parts, bottles, baby's utensil and anything that needs to be sterilised. Bottom layer is the cooler section to chill your expressed breastmilk with the use of ice block/ice packs. For sterilising of items, do not need to remove stuffs at the bottom layer.

Internal divider can be pushed down to cater a larger space to sterilise larger and taller items.

Works with an external power bank which will be included or your own power bank or any usb socket with power. No charging of the bag is needed just make sure power bank has power.

One cycle of sterilising is 59 seconds

*Do not sterilise latex products*

Product Specifications:

  • Sterilising time: 59 seconds
  • Power Source: Power Bank
  • Color: Blue or Pink
  • LED Qty: 17pcs
  • Input Interface: Micro USB
  • LED Wavelength: 260-280nm
  • Size: 250*270*170 mm
  • Net weight: 600g
  • Power: 5W

Why choose UV-C light?

  •  There are heat-resistant germs: "mad cow" virus
  •  Cold-resistant germs: avian influenza virus, Yell bacteris
  •  Drug-resistant germs: Superbug
  •  No LED UV-resistant germs
  •  Efficient: 99.9%
  •  Non Toxic
  •  No Ozine
  •  No Radiation

Colour Of Bag