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FREE-ME Wearable Breastpump x 59s UV Bag Bundle

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FREE-ME Wearable Breastpump x 59s UV Bag Bundle

FREE-ME wearable breastpump is a new era pump that brings you the absolute convenience of expressing. 
Light and silent allows you to pump freely and fuss-free.
It is a pump that every mummies should own to give them the ultimate freedom to pump ANYTIME | ANYWHERE.

The decision to breastfeed itself has made you an admirable mum and it’s our honour to embark on this journey with you, making this journey even smoother for you.

Totally handsfree, no tube, no cords, wearable within ur bra and at the same time giving you the ultimate comfort while you pump out the liquid gold for your little one.

Whats in this bundle?

-1 unit of Free-Me Breastpump

-1 unit of 59s Dual Layer UVC Steriliser Bag


Battery: 800mah

Vacuum pressure: 300mmhg (Max) same as Spectra S1

Battery life: 1.5hours 

Charging time: 1.5 hour

Charging port: micro-USB on device

Cup capacity: marking is 180ml max is 200ml

Flange size: 24mm or 27mm

Mode: massage & expression

Level: 5 levels of intensity 

Nett weight: 230g

Dimension: 149x111x69 mm

Power input: DC5V1A

Auto shut off: 20min

What is in the box?

- 1 unit of motor
- 1 full cup set
- 1 bra extender
- 1 pc duckbill valve
- 1 manual
- 1 high speed cable
- 1 drawstring pouch under the box
- 2 silicone motor ring

*Lifetime warranty which covers the motor only*

Please register warranty at

*Add on for the maymom flange inserts comes in a pair (2pcs). Do select 24mm flanges if you need to add on the inserts as the inserts will only fit 24mm flanges.*

Please refer to the chart below for a guide on choosing the right flange size or inserts

Flange Size Guide