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Alphabet Animals Cotton Minky Long Husk Pillow

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Alphabet Animals Minky Long Husk Pillow

Why do Babies need a husk pillow?

Having a husk filled pillow placed over the baby's chest enables baby to have a more secure sleep. The rustling sound of the husks are able to calm and sooth baby to sleep easily.

A husk pillow can reduced the startling impact for baby when slight noises are made. 

OurOne&Only Husk pillow is LIGHTWEIGHT with desired volume to provide for the comfort for baby.

All our husk pillows are handmade with love by OurOne&Only Lovely SAHM.
Our inner pillow Husk is cleaned, sieved, and sterilised before filling. 

All INNER husk pillow is sealed with our authenticity Logo


45cm by 15cm