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Yijan Musical Toothbrush

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Yijan Musical Toothbrush

Mummies & Daddies, do you have a hard time getting your kids to brush their teeth long enough? 

After 20 seconds, do they tell you they’re done brushing? 

Now there is a fun way to get your kids to brush the recommended time of 2 minutes!

With a press of a button, Yijan Music Electric toothbrush will play a "brushing song" and vibrates gently that sooth kids' gum while brushing. The music plays for 2 minutes (suggested time recommended by dentist) making sure your kids brush away all that plaque and bacteria. This encourages your little ones to practice good dental hygiene from young. 

This toothbrush is waterproof and little ones can brush while bathing. With the anti-slip handle, little ones can have a better grip of it too.

It comes in a cute design with 3 different colours to choose from. 
Interchangeable brush head and battery replaceable.


  • Waterproof for electric design
  • Comes with a cap
  • Ergonomic slip resistant handle
  • Comes with food-grade silicon brush head and soft bristle brush head
  • 2 mins of music to let kids have fun with lyrics
  • Cute colour & style encourages children to develop good and healthy brushing habits

*Product is covered under 1 year warranty

*Register your warranty at

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