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Real Bubee Dual Electric Breastpump Bundle

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Real Bubee Dual Electric Breastpump Bundle

Comes with a bag of 6pcs OurOne&Only 150ml standard neck storage bottles


a box of 6pcs OurOne&Only Food Storage Box

Pump+BtlProduct DimensionProduct InfoReal-Bubee-Single-Double-Electric-Breast-Pump-With-Milk-Bottle-Infant-USB-BPA-free-Powerful-Breast_f61fa1a6-dc98-4563-afd2-5820bf115b8420997312_A3All accessories


How to use 

Press the power to enter 90 seconds stimulation mode, the system will increase the suction strength gradually until the "+" or "-" is pressed.

Mothers can press plus (+) sign and minus (-) sign to adjust the strength.

Press the mode botton to switch between massage mode or suction mode.
Massage mode - red light | Suction mode - green light

There are 18 levels of suction strength,  long press the plus (+) sign or minus (-) sign to reach the highest or the lowest strength. When the red or green light is blinking, it indicates that the highest or lowest suction has been set.


Only STANDARD neck bottles are compatible with real bubee flanges

WIDE neck bottles are NOT compatible with real bubee flanges

Pigeon, Nuk, Medela slim neck teats are compatible with the standard neck bottles

Pigeon, Dr Brown, Avent Classic, Spectra wide neck teats and Avent Natural Collar are compatible with the wide neck bottles  

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