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OurOne&Only Detachable Cooler Bag

  • $39.90


OurOne&Only Detachable Cooler Bag

A cooler bag to keep your pump and parts in the top compartment and an insulated bottom compartment to chill your breastmilk with the use the ice gel packs. 

Prettily designed, this compact cooler bag is stylist and not only suitable for bringing to work but also for outing.

Comes with 2 internal PVC bag. One to hold your items in the top compartment and another to hold the ice block and bottles in the bottom compartment to prevent the water from wetting the bag due to condensation.


25cm (L) by 14cm (D) by 38cm (H)

Height of bottom cooler compartment : 12cm

Able to fit 6 standard neck or 6 wide neck 150ml bottles with a contoured ice block in the middle.