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OurOne&Only Breastmilk Storage Bags

  • $12.90


OurOne&Only Breastmilk Storage Bags

50pieces in a box, each bag is 7oz/210ml


  • BPA Free
  • All bags are pre-sterilised with gamma rays
  • Double zipper seal to prevent leaks
  • Write-on Tab for easy labelling
  • Safe in freezer, refrigerator and warmer
  • Convenient cut-line for easy and smooth transferring of breastmilk
  • Each bag can be laid flat or stored vertically for efficient storage, self-standing bag
  • Additional protective layer to prevent bag from leaking and breaking after accidental drop

Things to take note

  • This is a one time use product, do not reuse the bags
  • Do not warm breastmilk by cooking or microwaving
  • Place bag of thawed breastmilk into 50 degrees celcius warm water or warmer for warming

Usage Method

Milkbag Usage method

Looking to pump directly into our breastmilk storage bag with our breastmilk storage bag wide neck adapter but you are using a breastpump with standard neck flange? 

The maymom converter is here to solve your problem. With the use of this maymom converter, you will be able to pump directly into a breastmilk storage bag with our breastmilk storage bag wide neck adapter.