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Woodlands Kingdom Minky Book Taggies

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Woodlands Kingdom Minky Book Taggies

What is a taggie blanket?

Babies have busy little fingers and love to fiddle with fabric and interact with all sorts of things.

A taggie blanket is a cuddly and soft baby blanket that features looped pieces of ribbon or cloth sewn along the borders which offer babies and kids a generous assortments of ribbon tags which are designed to be both tactile and visually stimulating.

Benefits for babies

A taggie blanket can be your baby’s lovely and security blanket that provides not only comfort, but also entertainment. It can engage your little one, stimulating his senses and giving his cognitive development a jumpstart while keeping him cozy. And when your baby reaches and grabs for the tags, he’s also developing his fine motor skills, as well as his hand-eye coordination. With the minky dots as the base, it also provides baby a better sensory development.

A book taggies is used as a educational tool to teach your little ones to regconise the different subjects on it. A great tool to bond with your little ones before sleeping or anytime and anywhere with this book taggies on their hand.


35cm by 40cm