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Xmas Full Minky Baby Blanket

  • $69.90

Xmas Full Minky Baby Blanket

OurOne&Only dual sided minky blanket is made from special premium fabric (USA) specially for babies with soft and sensitive skin to give them a super fluffy and comfy feel. Never forget the softness of minky fabric once you get your hands on it and feel them. Base minky is embossed with dots to give babies a better sensory feel to enhance sensory development and give them warm of a real fur to aid them to sleep better. Own one now and feel it to believe it!


  • Easy to wash (machine washable)
  • Super comfortable and soft
  • As good as new after multiple washes
  • Colour will not fade after multiple washing
  • Dont need to iron (wrinkle free)


90cm by 100cm